Semi-Permanent Makeup Cheshire

Many people want to look and feel great without spending time in front of the mirror ever day? Semi-permanent make up is the perfect solution for anyone with a busy life or just simply wants to feel their best all the time.

Semi-permanent and permanent cosmetics are a type of tattooing which are applied to the second layer of skin, resulting in a beautiful shadow colour that gives the appearance of perfectly applied make up without the need to put it on.

Professional beauty specialist Liz Nicholson has made an excellent reputation for herself over the past 28 years and the Fresh Skin Clinic is proud to have her in Macclesfield offering a range of semi-permanent make up sessions that provide remarkable results:


• Upper lash enhancement
• Lower lash enhancement
• Upper and lower enhancement
• Thicker eyeliner enhancement
• Colour enhancement


• Eyebrow hair effects
• Eyebrow shading


• Line enhancement
• Lip blush
• Lip colour

Please see beauty specialist Liz Nicholson’s portfolio at

Further information about Liz:

“I have been a qualified beauty & body specialist for the past 28 years and have been a previous salon owner for 25 years gaining a very professional reputation and winning various awards.

I have gained experience in Semi Permanent make-up for the last 15 years and chosen the highly professional companies of Reza and Nouveau Contour. I use the state of the art equipment and my professional manner and knowledge has clients travelling for miles.”

Feel free to call us or email us to discuss all your options regarding semi-permanent makeup.

 Or contact Liz directly on 07801 298625