During the Coronavirus pandemic, the Fresh Skin Clinic will operate new strict hygiene and safety procedures. These procedures are approved by the relevant authorities and insurers and are therefore MANDATORY.

EMAIL EMAIL EMAIL: We now use email as our primary communiciation method. Please makes sure we have the correct email address for you and that emails from us are not being put in your spam and junk folders.

To protect all staff & visitors it is essential that each appointment is carried out under the following protocols:

Before your appointment:

1.    Review all the information & paperwork relevant to your treatment. Click HERE for all documents. Don’t worry, you don’t need to download or fill anything out, just read the relevant documents before your visit. This will save time.

2.    You will receive an invoice for your treatment by email, please pay this by online banking or over the phone BEFORE your visit. No payments can be accepted in the Clinic.

Account Name: Fresh Skin Clinics Ltd

Account number: 12418901

Account Sort Code: 09-01-29

If you can’t use online banking, please call 48 hours before your appointment to pay by phone on : 01625 619383

Please put your SURNAME as your payment reference.

3.    If you usually use anaesthetic cream before your treatment please inform us when you make your booking. We will post some out to you to apply just before your visit for a charge of £10. Please arrive already numbed.

4.    Remove all “un-necessary” jewellery from your hands. 

5.    Remove all makeup. Arrive makeup free.

Prestbury Only:

Enter the Clinic via the front door: 

ONE: Coat, bags & belongings on the hooks or in the box as instructed. If you have arrived in a mask, please leave it with your belongings. Please leave your PHONE here.

TWO: Sanitize your hands using the hand sanitizer. Make sure you clean under any rings and up to your wrists.

THREE: Put on the paper facemask provided. Make sure it is placed over your nose and under your chin.

Entering the Clinic:

1.    You will have your forehead temperature read. 

2.    You will enter the treatment room for your treatment.

3.    You’ll notice that all the clinical staff will be wearing scrubs and PPE.

4.    You will be asked to sign your consent forms via the Clinic iPad.

Leaving the Clinic:

1.    After your treatment, you may be provided with aftercare products. These will be added to your account and an invoice will be emailed to you for payment.

2.    Leave the same way you entered:

ONE: Collect all your belongings.

TWO: Your mask is yours to keep or you can drop it in the foot operated clinical waste bin.

THREE: Sanitise your hands again and leave.

Please note the bathroom/toilet is not available to visitors.

Further information:

  1. Paperless clinic – We have introduced an entirely new paperless admin system for your appointments, information, consent forms and billing.
  2. Cashless payments – We will be taking payment online only, in advance. Any extra items that you need during the appointment will be added to your account for online payment later.
  3. New booking system – We need your email address! Once your appointment is confirmed you will receive your Ts & Cs and relevant paperwork plus the invoice for your agreed treatment. We will be asking for pre payment prior to your appointment. This can be by bank transfer or payment over the phone.
  4. Pre appointment checklist – 24-48 hours before your appointment we will contact you again to check all your paperwork is complete, payment is made and to perform a quick health check. If the checks cannot be completed, we will ask you to remain at home and your appointment will be offered to someone else. 
  5. Pre appointment preparation – If you are booked in for dermal fillers and normally have local anesthetic we will be sending this out to you in the post prior to your appointment. Please arrive numbed. We will of course sterilize and prep your skin prior to treatment. 
  6. Hygiene barriers – On arrival you will be asked to sanitize your hands. Paper masks are available and must be worn. 
  7. No waiting – Everyone will arrive for their appointment on time and go straight in to their treatment room. Please use the car park & come alone. If you arrive on foot, please wait outside until you are called in. No guests will be allowed to accompany you. To maximize the treatment time, please arrive (we know this is a big ask!) makeup free. A swift exit is also requested of you, to allow us to do the wipe down & create the hygiene barriers for the next client.
  8. That’s it! – Your treatments will be the same provided by all the familiar people at Fresh.