Laser Hair Removal Macclesfield, Cheshire

‘Pain-Free’ Hair Removal – using ALMA Laser with ICE COLD TIP

The Fresh Skin Clinic is delighted to offer Pain Free Laser Hair Removal using medical grade Alma Lasers. The Harmony ICE COOLING SHR Platform with it’s revolutionary ICE COLD cutting edge technology can liberate you from daily shaving, tedious plucking, painful waxing and expensive Electrolysis. Ingrown hairs will become a thing of the past and skin is left instantly softer and smoother.

What is involved prior to the treatment?

Prior to any treatment a full consultation and skin assessment is taken and a patch test is carried out. The patch test enables us to accurately assess the appropriate settings to use and to ensure there are no adverse reactions before treating a large area.

Will the treatment hurt?

NO!!! Our method of permanent hair removal is usually pain free. Heat and light-in motion technology and the ICE COOLING TIP on the hand-piece ensure maximum patient comfort.

How many sessions will I need?

At the Fresh Skin Clinic we recommend 6 sessions 5-6 weeks apart. This is to ensure that all hair follicles are disrupted during their active growth phase at the appropriate times.

Will I need any maintenance sessions?

The Harmony SHR works by treating the existing hair follicles. For the majority of people 6 sessions will vastly reduce the hair growth however some maintenance will be required in order to treat newly developing hair follicles. Maintenance sessions are half price.

What happens following the treatment?

Immediately following treatment the area may appear a little pink. This is nothing to worry about infact it is a good indicator that the treatment has been successful. Some regrowth may be evident 3-7 days after the treatment. This is new surface hair coming through and may be gently removed with a cloth or exfoliant. Generally after only 1 session, most clients report a vast improvement in skin tone, instant reduction of ingrown hairs and longer periods between shaving.

Before & after treatment

Waxing, epilating and plucking are not advised before treatment and between sessions in order to achieve optimum results. However, shaving in between sessions is acceptable and we ask the area to be treated is shaved prior to the treatment. The use of fake tanning products, sunbeds or general tanning is not advised for 3 weeks prior to treatment.

Initiative Laser Hair Removal Costs

Ladies prices per session:

• Half Leg – from £150
• Full Leg – from £225
• Full Arm  – £99
• Lower Arm – £60
• Bikini Line – from £75
• Brazilian – from £110
• Hollywood – from £110
• Underarm – from £60
• Top Lip – from £45
• Face – from £65
• Neck – from £50
• Chin – from £45
• Small areas eg fingers/naval – £45

Gents prices per session:

• Shoulders & Neck – from £120
• Full Back – from £220
• Half Back – from £120
• Chest – from £120
• Abdomen – from £120
• Beard – from £65
• Buttocks – £99
• Neck – £45

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Feel free to call us or email us to discuss all your options regarding laser hair removal treatments.